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08 July 2007 @ 05:45 am
getting us started!  
here's the fic i posted earlier to torch_wood to get us started off. you can find the link to killerspork33's fic that sparked this below. suppose you could say it's these that sparked the community idea.

Title - Pillow Talk
Pairing - Jack/Ianto/Martha. Embrace it people!
Rating - PG-13ish for swearing and implied sexums?
Spoilers - Last of the Time Lords for THAT spoiler. Otherwise, should be pretty safe for the masses.
Warnings - this is not my fault. Blame this on killerspork33. It's a follow up to her recent fic, which you should read before reading this. Unbeta'ed, so don't blame me for anything not making sense.
Summary - Martha gets suddenly gets emo over the Doc, falls asleep in Jack's bed while talking about it, and Ianto finds them the next morning. Posting it here because I like to keep my journal locked.

Martha honestly thought she was done with this life. The time she spent with the Doctor was beyond fantastic. There were so many things that she got to see and do, and she would never forget the adventures and the countless times that one of them almost died.

But she couldn’t stay, knowing that the Doctor would never see past Rose to see how brilliant Martha really was, and how much they connected. When she left him, she vowed to go back to what her life used to be; studying for exams, taking care of her family, finding someone who was right for her to be with. Her days of hanging out with aliens were over.

So she thought.

When she received the call from Jack, every single voice in the back of her head screamed at her to deny his offer to come to Torchwood. But her heart wanted the adventure. And at least with Torchwood, she wouldn’t have to worry about the exhaustion of time-travel and being stuck with one person all the time.

And with that, she said yet another goodbye to her family and left for Cardiff.

At first, the team wasn’t too happy about having someone new. They complained that there wasn’t enough room in the SVU for an extra body…

“Ianto doesn’t HAVE to come with us!” whined Owen.
“Sod off.”

…that Jack just wanted another pretty ‘face’ to look at…

“If I wanted a pretty ‘face’ that badly, I’d go to a strip show.”

“HEY!” Tosh and Gwen yelled at the same time.

…and that no one died recently, so there was no need for another person…

“If you want, Owen, I can solve that problem,” Gwen said with a smirk on her face.

…and that they had just gotten used to Gwen being around.

“Forget death. I’ll just rip your balls off.”

But once they went on their first mission with Martha (a Weevil sighting in downtown Cardiff, which turned out to be a really ugly woman with pointy teeth that was working on her car,) they realized that she may not be that bad.

Tosh and Gwen warmed up to her quickly, wanting to hear all about her stories with this “Doctor” and Jack and all of the time traveling she got to do with them. Plus, Martha liked having “girl talk” that she never got to have with the Doctor.

Her and Owen butted heads at first. Once Owen learned that she was a Doctor (well, Doctor in training), they were constantly fighting over what was right medically and what wasn’t. Martha kept insisting that what Owen was doing to some of the “patients” was not medically correct, while Owen had to remind her every minute that not only was she working with aliens and not humans, but that she was also a woman, and therefore didn’t know what she was talking about.

This was quickly put to rest when Martha tackled him to the ground during a game of basketball one morning, and managed to break one of his ribs in the process. He was not happy to say the least, but he realized she was a lot stronger than he was and could kick his ass if she really wanted to. Tosh and Gwen took her out for drinks that evening.

Many of her first nights were spent with Jack outside of the Hub, talking about his former travels with the Doctor, about having to re-live history just to find him, the many times he’d died and come back to life, where he came from, and what he was going to become.

“So my head gets really big and I live in a jar? Being immortal is rubbish.”

But one of the people she grew the closest to was Ianto. There was something about him from the start that she was drawn to. On nights that she wasn’t spending time with Jack, she was getting to know Ianto. He told her all about Torchwood London, Lisa, the Cybermen, and Martha’s cousin. It was the first time she really got to hear about the things that transpired at Canary Warf, and how exactly her cousin had died.

The night she learned of the horrors at Canary Warf, she cried for what seemed like the first time in ages, at least over something that was so personally close to her. She woke the next morning to find one of Ianto’s arms draped over her waist, the other tucked under her head, his fingers just barely touching her cheek.

It was now week three. She just saw a dead body with melted eyes exploded, random body parts and skin all over her, which made her skin crawl like no other. Even after a fantastic shower with Ianto, she still felt like there was dead corpse on her. She had seen some weird and freaky things in her time with no only the Doctor, but with Torchwood as well, but she never saw an exploding body.

This made her think about how that at least with the Doctor, she never had to worry about being completely grossed out by something. This, in turn, made her think about the Doctor and how much she missed him. All of those stupid feelings she had for him suddenly crept back through her body, and she was not happy about it.

The team had left for the evening, accept for Martha and Jack. Martha tried to leave, and she made it outside enough to give a quick kiss to Ianto and get into her car, but she needed that time with Jack. There were things on her mind, and he was the only person who would really understand.

Once she saw everyone’s cars pull away, she left hers and went back into the Hub. She looked around for Jack, but he was no where to be found. Maybe he actually left?

“Jack! You still here?” she called out, walking towards his office.

“Down here.” Martha heard his voice come from the office, but it was empty. “No really, down here,” he said, popping his head up from the ground.

Martha raised an eyebrow with a humorous smirk. “You sleep down there?”

“Yeah, if I sleep. Come on,” he said, lowering back down into his underground sleeping quarters. Shrugging her shoulders, Martha followed him down the ladder.

It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it fit two people comfortably. It was mainly his bed, a small bookshelf, and chest of drawers that a small clock sat on. But it was probably the homiest that Jack would ever get, and it suited him fine. Flopping down onto his bed, Jack rolled onto his side and pet the sheets with a seductive look. “Come tell me what’s on your mind Miss Jones,” he smirked.

Martha just rolled her eyes and slid in next to him, looking up at the ceiling. “How’d you do it?” she asked him with a sigh.

Jack raised an eyebrow and draped an arm around Martha. While he thought that she was brilliantly good looking and he flirted with her constantly, he saw her more as a best friend or a sister. Martha felt the same way, and she didn’t even flinch whenever she felt his arm on her belly. “What did I do?”

Shifting a bit so she wasn’t straining her neck to look at Jack, she sighed again. “Go all those years after meeting the Doctor, knowing that he was out there somewhere, but you couldn’t do a thing about it?”

Fingers tapping and tracing over Martha’s belly, Jack shrugged his shoulders. Lying in bed and talking was something slightly new to Jack, as his hands or mouth would usually be wondering over skin. So he had to keep his hands busy, otherwise he’d fall into instinct. “I just tried to do things with my time. But at the same time, I was keeping myself busy with two wars. There wasn’t a whole lot of time to think. Why? Are you having post-Doctor thoughts?”

Martha didn’t mind the fingers, other than they tickled her a bit. “Yeah…I mean…I guess I am. I really hadn’t thought about him, other than our chats, since I got here. Just because we’re always busy and I have other…distractions,” she told him with the same glow she had on her face that morning. “But,” she said, waving a dismissive hand, “after the body exploded I got to thinking about how that would never happen if I was with him and all of those stupid feelings came back. I just wish he would get out of my head,” she pouted.

“Distractions, huh? Wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain tea boy with fantastic taste in clothing would it?” he asked, a grin on his face. Jack wasn’t blind. He could see that there was an attraction between Martha and Ianto, and any suspicions he had about them sleeping together were put to rest when Ianto emerged from the showers the same time Martha did, his hair damp. It also explained why Ianto hadn’t come around the past two weeks, which made Jack the slightest bit jealous.

A slight blush came over Martha’s cheeks. “Yes. Distraction. But we’ll talk about that later. Doctor first,” she insisted, while really she just didn’t want to talk with Jack about her shagging one of the members of the team, not sure how he would take it.

Nodding, Jack chuckled a bit. “For some reason, the moment the Doctor gets inside your head, he never leaves. You just have to surround yourself with people that’ll make you forget about him. Well, not forget. But at least make those feelings go away. Because the moment you start to think about all of the good times you had, you’ll find yourself going back to him.” Jack was a perfect example of that.

Martha closed her eyes and nodded. It was hard, trying not to think about him. But she had a different life now, one that she wanted to embrace with open arms. There was still that little pull on her heart, though, that wanted her to call the Doctor and have him pick her up.

“So tell me about this ‘distraction’,” Jack grinned. Really, he just wanted to stop talking about the Doctor before his feelings came back as well.

Grinning, Martha turned on her side to face Jack. “You’re such a bloody girl sometimes,” she laughed. “Well…he’s tall and handsome. Not so much dark. Really pale, actually,” she laughed.

“That he is,” he said quietly, laughing along with her.

Martha’s mouth dropped, then she playfully hit Jack’s arm, hard. “You sod! You knew the whole time!”

“It was pretty obvious. Especially this afternoon when we couldn’t find either of you for an hour, and suddenly Ianto smelled shower fresh,” Jack grinned. “But that’s not how I know he’s pale…”

“You mean…” Martha started, raising her eyebrows in shock.

Jack leaned in and pressed his forehead against Martha’s with a mischievous smirk. “Ianto has secrets too, love. Very well kept secrets. You should ask him about the things he can do with his tongue…”


The next morning, Ianto arrived at work earlier than he planned. He remembered last night in his sleep that he left some files sitting out in the open, and since there were times that random visitors to Cardiff that didn’t know any better would walk in, he figured he should be there early to put them away. Besides, he figured that the autopsy area could use another cleaning, which made his skin crawl at the picture of Owen and Martha with flesh in their hair.

When he got there, he took the files down to Jack’s office to file away and saw that the door to his underground hideaway was open. He never left it open. Figuring that he fell asleep reading, he bent down to close it, but peaked through at the same time.

That’s when he found Martha, wrapped up next to Jack, wearing what looked like one of his t-shirts. Suddenly, Ianto wanted to throw up. Or punch Jack. Whichever he got to first.

As if on cue, Jack’s eyes flew open as Ianto peered through the hole. “Ianto,” he said quietly, but loud enough to stir Martha from her sleep. She looked up just in time to see Ianto back away from the hole.

“Fuck,” she mumbled, crawling out of the bed and back up to the Hub, not even realizing that she was without pants. “Ianto…please…nothing happened,” she said as she followed Ianto from Jack’s office.

“Then why were you in bed with him! And why aren’t you wearing pants?!” he hollered, hoping that they were really the only ones in the hub.

“Because we were up late talking and I was tired and didn’t want to make the drive home and it wasn’t very comfortable sleeping in jeans so Jack gave me one of his tops and…” she stopped, because it really wasn’t looking good in her favor.

Jack crawled out of the hole and into the hub, standing behind Martha, setting his hands on her shoulders to try and calm her down. “Ianto. Nothing happened. Everything that she said was true, I swear to you that.”

“Jack. I know better. You don’t talk to people, especially in bed.” Ianto said in a bitter tone, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“I seem to remember quite a few nights of us talking in bed,” Jack snapped back, lowering his eyes at Ianto, who shied away from Martha’s eyes.

“It’s alright, Ianto. Jack told me last night. And…really…I don’t mind,” Martha said, reaching out to set her hand on Ianto’s arm. “Actually, he told me to ask you about the things you can do with your tongue. Why haven’t I experienced these things yet?” she grinned.

Ianto blushed and looked down at the ground. “Because you haven’t asked,” he said quietly. “I’m sorry,” he finally said, looking up at both Martha and Jack. “It’s just…well…I mean I know how Jack works…and I automatically thought you two slept together. I mean, you did, but shagged I mean.”

Martha and Jack both laughed. Martha leaned in and kissed Ianto gently, which made him blush some more. Jack stepped up behind Martha again and leaned over her, hanging on her shoulders as he kissed Ianto as well. Martha groaned and shrugged Jack off her shoulders. “While that was kind of hot, you’re bloody heavy,” she whined.

Jack stepped back with a pouty look on his face while Ianto pulled Martha close to him. “Don’t hurt her Jack. I’d rather you not kill this one.”

Rolling his eyes, Jack walked back towards his office. “That was your own fault!” he called out. Once in his office, he turned around with a grin. “I expect the two of you down below in five minutes. No objections,” he said, then climbed the ladder down to his room.

Martha raised an eyebrow and looked up at Ianto, who had a smirk on his face. “You want to don’t you?” she asked.

“Captain’s orders,” Ianto said with a bit of gruff in his voice, then pulled Martha towards Jack’s office.

Tosh, Gwen, and Owen arrived at the Hub about an hour later, wondering why there was no coffee waiting for them.
galaxy_songgalaxy_song on July 8th, 2007 01:56 pm (UTC)
so more was added to this they make such a good trio. Also very glad there is a community for this pairing now its become one of my favourites to read.