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againsttheodds's Journal

Against the Odds - a Ianto/Martha community
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community for Ianto Jones and Martha Jones (and sometimes Jack). Share fic, graphics, etc!

// a b o u t \\

Welcome to Against the Odds! This community is to celebrate Martha Jones and Ianto Jones. With the arrival of Martha to Torchwood for it's second series, many of us are excited for the interactions that will come and have gotten a jump start on their pairings, and this community is no exception.

This community is the brain child of killerspork33 and crunknwj, who decided that the Doctor Who and Torchwood fandoms need to embrace the greatness that is Ianto/Martha. We're also not against Jack/Martha and Jack/Ianto/Martha.

// r u l e s \\

Like any good community, we do have a few rules.

01. Please try to keep posts related to Ianto and Martha. We will allow some Jack, but not an overload, please. Posts can include squee about the upcoming series of Torchwood, fiction, graphics, fanvids, etc, as long as they deal with the above people.

02. Please please PLEASE no strictly Jack/Ianto fiction. There are many other communities that deal with Jack/Ianto, and while both of the mods are Jack/Ianto fangirls as well, they don't want to see it here. This is for Ianto/Martha, Jack/Martha, or Jack/Ianto/Martha. If you post something that's only Jack/Ianto, it will be deleted, no questions asked.

03. Fiction with any of the other characters or the Doctor ARE allowed, as long as they aren't the main focus.

04. Any spoilers relating to the Second series of Torchwood OR the Third and Fourth series of Doctor Who must go behind an lj-cut. If you don't cut, it'll be deleted and you'll have to try again. Blatent spoilers outside of a cut will not be tolerated.

05. News about the upcoming series of Torchwood will be allowed to an extent, but try as hard as you can to post news dealing with the above characters. News about the actors is also allowed, but try to keep them based around Gareth David-Lloyd, Freema Agyeman, and John Barrowman. But don't go overboard. Each character/actor has their own communities for smaller news.

06. If you can, try and use the tags that are already listed for the community. You can find them in the sidebar. It'll save us some work of doing it later!

07. Have fun and spread the Ianto/Martha love!

// a f f i l i a t e s \\

If you would like to be an affiliate with the community, please comment here with your community name and we'll add you to the list!!


// e t c \\

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